Smart Safety Vest

A vest fitted with bright LED lights that increase the visibility of a motorcycle rider.

What is it?

Smart Safety Vest is a vest fitted with bright LED lights that increase the visibility of a motorcycle rider. This is with an intention to reduce the rate of motorcycle accidents.
The lights clearly show other motorists the intentions of a rider in turning left, right or stopping.

How is it used?

The Smart vest is worn on the body of the rider or the pillion passenger. Other use positions that have come up is attaching the lights of the vest on backpack or the courier bike’s box. Being wirelessly controlled gives the advantage of fitting it at the appropriate place for the highest visibility.

What technologies does it incorporate?

The Smart Safety vest sensor installed in the bike uses Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit indication signals from the motorbike to the vest. This allows a dedicated encrypted link for transmission and opens up possibilities of connecting other Bluetooth compatible devices such as Smart Phones for other value added services.

A light sensor is used in the power management of the vest. This controls the usage of the battery depending on the time of day the vest is in use.

How does it work?

When the rider indicates to turn left, right on the handle bar or presses the hand/foot brakes on the motorcycle, the sensor installed in the bike transmits these signals to the vest via Bluetooth. The vest processes the received signals and controls the LEDs to show the intentions of the rider in turning or stopping.

The vest is powered by two inbuilt-USB rechargeable AAA batteries and uses license-free transmission frequency bands for use anywhere in the world!

Who uses it?

The Smart Safety Vest has a wide range of users ranging from cyclists, motorcyclists, skaters, miners, early morning/late night runners exercising. Applications span across all activities/professions that require high visibility.

Why does it help?

The Smart Vest has bright LED lights at the back that emulate an indication system with easily recognizable standard traffic light colors. The turn amber LEDs blink forming an arrow that shows the direction the rider intends to turn while a still red strip shows brakes/stopping.

The elevation of the LEDs on the vest, compared to the normal indication signals of the motorcycle, ensures that the motorcyclist is visible to other road users reducing chances of motorcycle accidents.


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