Heatstroke Alert Armband

A wearable device in armband form that alerts the user of potential heatstroke danger before it happens to the person.

What is it?

It is a wearable device in armband form that alerts the user of potential heatstroke danger before it happens to the person.

How is it used?

It is worn in either arm (above the elbow and the near the shoulder) as an armband.

What technologies does it incorporate?

The wearable device will be Arduino-based and it will incorporate an array of sensors for body vital signs and surrounding ambient conditions, internal storage for data capture, and Bluetooth 4.0 LE for data transmission and gathering. Also a low power display for alerts and readouts, and a weatherproof enclosure will unite everything together.

How does it work?

It measures axillary temperature (under the armpit), along with heartbeat and other vital signs in other to warn the user of impending heatstroke before it happens. Secondary sensors will read ambient temperature and UV light conditions in order to warn and remind the user to seek more comfortable conditions as well as to hydrate regularly.

Heatstroke frequently happens when it is too late. The bodies of high-risk population such as elderly, children and ill people might not be able to detect signs of impending heatstroke. The Heatstroke Alert Armband aims to reduce these type of incidents by detecting precursors of heatstroke through vital signs and ambient conditions.

Dangerous conditions such as high body core temperature, rapid heartbeat and breathing will be detected by the device and alert the user to take caution in order to prevent an impending heatstroke incident.

The device can be easily programmed to take into account age of the person as well as other contributing factors such as any preexisting illnesses or medications being taken in order to personalize the detection to each user.

Who uses it?

At risk population for heatstroke such as elderly, children and ill people, as well as social workers on the field can wear the device. Anyone is at risk of heatstroke, even healthy adults so the device can be worn by anyone in high temperature conditions.

Data can be harvested from the device such as body vital signs, and this can be gathered and analyzed for other purposes like gauging the health of a particular population or assessing dangerous ambient conditions of a particular area.

Why does it help?

In a lot of cases, heatstroke happens when it’s already too late, so the device offers a solution for this preventable condition. Also the person can ignore and dismiss dangerous body vital signs of heatstroke such as rise in core temperature or rapid heartbeat, so the device offers a solution for this.


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Allan Chan, Frank Sandres, Victor Ham

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Alert/Response, Diagnosis/Treatment/Referral, Data Collection/Data Insight

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Health, Education, Child Protection

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