Girasol – Child Nutrition and Health Monitor

A waterproof bracelet for babies and young children that expands with child’s growth to give an indication of growth patterns.

What is it?

Girasol is a waterproof bracelet for babies and young children that utilizes a StretchSense™ fabric sensor that expands with child’s growth to give an indication of growth patterns. The bracelet works with the parent’s mobile device and/or computer to inform them of the child’s growth levels and along with paper information cards and a growth chart, gives them health and nutrition advice. Access to the data on the App. can also be sent directly to the child’s medical clinic so that a healthcare worker can manage the patient remotely/provide reminders. StrechSense™ stretch sensors work well on elbows, knees, fingers, and wrists to measure circumference. Measuring the circumference of a baby or young child’s wrist can give a good indication of growth. The bones of a child’s wrist have been identified as one of the areas in the body as a significant “growing zone” ( Recent studies have found that measuring wrist circumference in young children can give more accurate quick indications of insulin resistance than waist circumference (Park 2011). The device can give an indication of both underweight and overweight children through a measurement of wrist circumference. The bracelet is permanently connected to a BTLE circuit and is powered by a lithium coin cell battery. The battery and circuit are encased in plastic and coated with silicon. The device has a tamper proof on-off button (activated by the parent) with a plastic slide safety buckle, making it possible for the healthcare worker to adjust the size when necessary as the baby grows. Measurements can be tracked once every two to three weeks and the bracelet can be left on the baby for periods of time as it is safe and waterproof. Data can be retrieved from the bracelet via blue-tooth and USB connection cable that links to a personal computer.

How is it used?

The bracelet is worn on a child’s wrist or upper arm. Data from the sensor will be sent to a App that supplies the parent and/or healthcare worker with growth statistics.

What technologies does it incorporate?

The device is a simple bracelet that incorporates a stretch sensor with bluetooth connectivity. It is composed of: 1 × StretchSense ™ Fabric Sensor bracelet composed of elastic fabric coated in silicon with embedded sensor, 1 × Bluetooth LE transmission circuit with casing, 1 × Coin cell battery (non-rechargeable) 3V CR1620 Lithium Metal coin cell battery, 1 x plastic slide buckle with safety release to resize bracelet as needed. StretchSense™ is a fabric sensor that expands with child’s growth to give an indication of growth patterns. The stretch sensor is highly elastic allowing for strain or stretch of up to 80%. They are coated in a thin layer of silicon rubber and provides accurate measurements of biomechanics: motion sensing, posture, muscle volume and circumference. Stretch sensors are mechanically robust and incorporate easy electronics interfaces. They are soft, comfortable and easy to integrate and washable depending on characteristics of garment/application.

How does it work?

1. The mother is given a girasol kit (including the bracelet, nutrition card, growth chart and App instructions) at one of her prenatal visits. 2. A healthcare worker explains and demos the bracelet. 3. Nutritional cards and advice are explained by healthcare worker. 4. Healthcare worker and/or mother registers the app and sets up a login. Bracelet sensor is fitted to baby’s wrist by the parent or when baby is brought to the clinic (or at a home visit) the bracelet measures baby’s wrist circumference – data is transferred to the mother’s computer or smart-phone via Bluetooth or USB. Healthcare worker is able to track growth remotely by logging into the app or on return to the clinic. 5. Parents can also track growth on a poster included in the kit to be displayed in the child’s room or in a prominent place in the home.

Who uses it?

Children, parents and healthcare workers

Why does it help?

The bracelet, App., nutrition cards and poster act as an information system – engaging the parent and making them an active participant in the child’s health and growth. The App. and cards include essential advice such as feeding techniques, when to feed a baby solid food and safe and healthy recipes for baby foods. The bracelet, App., cards and growth chart are all a means to educate the parent about essential growth statistics and nutritional information in order to make the parent more fully aware and active in developing good habits to sustain their child’s health and nutrition.


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Lisa Scharoun, Fanke Peng, Ana Sanchez

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Behavior Change, Data Collection/Data Insight

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Health, Education, Nutrition

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