A digital first responder which will save lives in the event of community fires or other natural disasters.

What is it?

FireFly is a digital first responder which will save lives in the event of community fires or other natural disasters. There are 2 parts to FireFly; (one) mobile app which communicates with either households or local community leaders and alerts when fire or natural disaster is near; (two) fire/smoke detector that alerts other nearby households when there’s a fire very close by (GPS enabled). FireFly is like a building smoke/fire alarm, but utilizes GPS to create a local network and alert other community members and safety authorities when fire or natural disasters are nearby.

How is it used?

FireFly utilizes one stationary GPS enabled compact fire/smoke detector that communicates with a personal smartphone wirelessly.

What technologies does it incorporate?

FireFly uses (one) GPS enabled compact fire/smoke detector and (one) smartphone device.

How does it work?

In areas such as Dhaka or Nairobi where fires are frequent in close living quarters; the small GPS enabled fire/smoke detector is placed in each each household where the device will monitor local smoke/fire conditions. When a wildfire is present, GPS enabled fire/smoke detector will send a ping to the smartphone associated with the detector to confirm that there is someone present to take care of the fire. If there is no response, the FireFly smoke/fire detector will alter other FireFly detectors nearby to warn locals that there’s a wildfire nearby. The FireFly app on a smartphone will let people know to be on alert incase evacuation is necessary. Finally, FireFly will alert local authorities of the location of the fire in the event assistance is needed.

Who uses it?

Households, local community leaders, village elders, and first responder authorities.

Why does it help?

FireFly GPS enabled compact fire/smoke detector and app has the potential to save many lives by warning people in advance when fires or natural disasters are nearby or headed their way.


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