A system that helps protect children from abuse and observes their health.

What is it?

The Guard-band product is the system that helps in protecting children from abuse and observing their health. Moreover, the system also helps organizations to connect with benefactors in order to support children,for example in finance. The system consists of three parts. The first part is a band which will be wearied by children and also water-resistant. The band is used to collect datum about the user’s health and location, and audial datum. These datum will be transmitted to the second part which is a server. Charity organization will use these datum to observer the user’s condition so that the organization can protect children whether they are in danger. These band will receive GPS signal from the server. In addition, charity organization can find helps from benefactors by sharing the condition of the children in need. Some information of the children will update in the third part, the app which will be generally used. However, children’s private information will be hidden.

How is it used?

A simple Guard-band system consists of a band, a server and an app. Band will be used by homeless children. The band will be wearied on user’s wrist. The band will always be locked so that it can’t be taken easily, and only the charity organization which provides the band can unlock it. There will be a button on the band. The button can be used by pressing to send a SOS message to the organization if the user is in danger, for example: being violated. The organization can also check children’s location by using GPS and health by using the children’ body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure and calorie density datum. These datum will frequently be updated to the server and then used and managed by the organization. In addtion, there will be a mini microphone attached in band. The microphone will record audial datum, which will also be frequently transmitted to the server. The audial datum may be used to help the organization to know whether a child is being abused or in danger. A speaker is also integrated in the band, which is extra component for other uses.The system also can connect the organization with benefactors. Moreover, benefactors can receive information about the condition of children in need with the app which can be installed in their personal devices so that they can help the children.

What technologies does it incorporate?

The information collected by system is stored in server’s cloud. All the parts of the system are connected to cloud with GPS.
The band needs sensors to track body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure and calories. These datum will help the organization observe children’s health. The band will also use GPS technology to detect the children’s location and send these information so that the organization can immediately come to help or save them whether the children are in danger. In addition, audial datum will also be collected by a mini microphone.The audial and user’s health and location datum will frequently be updated to the cloud store. The organization will access to the information on cloud through the server. The band also receive GPS signal. The band must be made with such material that the band is water-resistant, and an electric lock in the band must be designed so that band can’t be taken away easily.
The server will have function to manage the cloud. The server will access the cloud store to observe the children condition so that the organization or government can help them in time. The server can also receive and transmit GPS signal.
App accesses to the cloud with through GPS signal so that benefactors can know some information of the children ( accessing private information needs permission ) . With the information, benefactors can easily help or support the children.

How does it work?

The system’s parts are connected to cloud with GPS. Band is integrated with sensors, GPS and mini microphones to collect health condition and location of children and audial datum from the children’s band. These datum are transmitted to cloud with GPS techonology. Organization or government can observe children’s condition by using server to connect cloud with GPS technology. Organization can share some of the information of children such health condition with benefactors so that these benefactors can support them easily through app installed in benefactors’ devices. Moreover, the band must be made with material so that it is durable in any environment. The design of the band must be comfortable so that children don’t feel annoyed wearing the band. There also is an electric locked in the band which can be unlocked by the organizations with their code.

Who uses it?

The band will be wearied by homeless children or children in need, under difficult circumstances. The server will be used by the local charity organization or government that is responsible to protect the children. App will be used by general person. The app is installed in user’s devices. Using the app, user can know the children’s condition so that they can easily help the children. Government or organization can also ask people to help and support the children through the app.

Why does it help?

It helps because the organization can easily observe the children’ condition with respect to health, check whether the children are in danger and know the location of the children so that they can come to help the children by using the system. The system also connects the organization with benefactors so that organization can easily find donation and the benefactors can know how to help the child in need. Using the system, children can easily find help and be more protected.


Team's Location


Team's Occupation

University students

Team Members

Hung Doan Viet, Thy Pham Hoang Khanh, Uyen Nguyen Tran Phuong, An Le Dinh

Focus Area(s)

Alert/Response, Data Collection/Data Insight

UNICEF Pillar(s)

Health, Child Protection, Social Inclusion

These pages have been pulled directly from applications submitted to the Wearables for Good Challenge in 2015. They represent the work of the individual teams and have subsequently not been edited.



  1. The aim of the contest is so meaningful. All of the finallists are great. But my most favorite are Guard Band and Droplet. They are simple but helpful and widely used. Best wishes!

  2. Cool project. I really believe you guys have to go great lengths to think about this, but how come do the abusers would allow the victims to wear the gadgets?

  3. @T9H We know neither the size of the band or whether it must be wear on the arm or leg or even elsewhere. Maybe it will be small enough for the children to hide. It would help in detecting and reporting health condition anyway so it will be indeed useful.

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