Effiome tracks the daily usage of electricity, water and also takes care of the bill payment

What is it?

Wearable is called as an “EFFIOME”, which means Efficient Home.
Let me explain you the wearable in Indian context. The following information and problem statement will be in Indian context, so that I can make it easily understood to the reader.
When we say wearable, why is it always worn by humans. So I had to transpose my thinking to come up with this wearable which is worn by our homes.
In India, women play an important role in taking care of all household works, almost all the daily chores. This wearable is designed to make the home very efficient. This will lead to the efficient use of resources like water and electricity.
Effiome tracks the daily usage of electricity, water and also takes care of the bill payment. It also acts as an identity given to each home which can communicate with the other homes if permitted, communicate with the electricity and water board and obviously with the inhabitants.

How is it used?

This wearable “effiome” is worn by our homes where we live, where we use resources.
We as a family live in our homes, where we exploit resources for our livelihood. So this wearable is worn by our homes which keeps track on all our resource exploitation.

What technologies does it incorporate?

Sensors to track the amount of usage in electricity meter and water meter.
Transmitter to transfer this information to the wearable.
Receiver: wearable to contact the electricity, water meters to ask for the usage data.

RFID: This will give an identity to each of the wearable.
Technology to communicate or send the information to the user’s smartphone.
Technology which will help a wearable to communicate with the other wearable if permitted.
Technology to pay the bill, secured online transaction.
Technology to track any leakage or misuse of electricity and water.

(I’m still building up on this technological part)

How does it work?

Effiome, is a wearable worn by our homes. It constantly tracks the usage of electricity and water.
Whenever the user wants to know how much resources they have used on daily basis or on regular basis then the wearable can update them with the information required. Wearable will send a message to the user’s smartphone.
Wearable will also alert the user on some leakage or misuse of electricity/ water. It also alerts the user if the user is exceeding the limit or excess usage is happening.
Month end the wearable will send the information like the number of units used and amount to be paid for the usage of resources. It also takes care of the payment if the user permits. And the payment will be secured and from the virtual wallet created by the user. It also reminds the user about the last day for payment.

Who uses it?

In Indian context, I am confident in saying that women are the pillars of a family. And I am sure that even in many other countries this above statement makes sense. They have to take care of their family and all the house related tasks. So this wearable “effiome” will be a companion of all the women.
I felt that why do we always draw a boundary when we create something. Then I came up with this idea that, effiome can be a wearable which is worn by all the houses which will carry its own identity. This wearable is giving life to each individual houses to speak with each other and also with the members stay within.
Every information tracked by the wearable will be sent to the smartphone, which would be majorly owned by a lady at home or even others at home can have access to it.

Why does it help?

It keeps track of the usage of electricity and water. It gives regular update on the number of units used and the amount to be paid to the user. Whenever the user wants to know about their exploitation of resources, this wearable would give them the complete details on
How much electricity has been used?
Which appliance is making use of more electricity?
Which room is consuming more electricity?
Tips or suggestion on using appliances smartly. Which part of the day is making more use of electricity?
Warnings on excessive use of electricity.
Also warns you about the fluctuation or misuse of electricity.
Similarly with the water usage too.
It alerts you if any wastage/ likeage of water.
It can also contact the other smart homes for comparing the usage or informing them about the resources. This is done when permitted by the users.
It even takes care of the payment if the user gives the permission. And for this process it will have a virtual wallet to keep the transaction safe.


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These pages have been pulled directly from applications submitted to the Wearables for Good Challenge in 2015. They represent the work of the individual teams and have subsequently not been edited.


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