Terms and Conditions


By the mere fact of registering on the platform it is understood that the users accept the Terms and Conditions detailed below, which are considered an integral part of the Terms and Conditions that rule the contests developed in unicefchallenges/Wearables for Good.

1. Personal Information and Privacy:

  1. Every person that wishes to participate in the platform must supply personal information in the registration form. The organization commits to use this information strictly to manage the registration process and achieve the goals of the platform.
  2. The user expressly declares granting authorization to the challenge hosts to keep and store the personal information that was given voluntarily into the registration form.
  3. Any public sessions of the contest will be open to the general public, and they can be spread through different means of communication. The contents generated from the Terms and Conditions will be considered to be of public domain, therefore there will be no liability due to confidentiality or economic compensation from the website administration.

2. Intellectual property:

  • Users expressly declare to be the original authors of the ideas and the support through which they are expressed. Participants will have full responsibility for any industrial or intellectual property rights registration or processing for eventual software, work, design, commercial brand, invention patent, or any other that might be recognized by the current legislation.
  • Users accept that all additional materials they upload can be used by the challenge hosts, with the purpose of recording the process, playing or promoting the platform and the challenges developed in it in different means of communication. By granting this authorization, which is not exclusive, subject to sub-licensing and transferring, without geographical or time limitations, the users are not entitled to any sort of money compensation, being free in its nature.
  • UNICEF, ARM Holdings, frog design, its administration, and members are not responsible for any legal violation committed by the users, particularly those related to intellectual and industrial property, copyright or breaches of confidential information; it being the responsibility of the users to indemnify the people stated in the Terms and Conditions for said infractions.
  • UNICEF, ARM Holdings, frog design, does not grant any kind of guarantee, for any sort of damage that the user may suffer from the information, software, application, or any other piece of information or work registered within the platform.

3. Manner of use and users’ responsibilities:

  1. Access to the platform and its content is intended for its users’ proposals and development of ideas, and in no case it has been designed for commercial purposes.
  2. Users commit to use the platform properly and for the purpose it was designed. Consequently, respectful language is essential, and the promotion of any kind of discrimination or misconduct against public order, moral or decency is forbidden.
  3. Users are prohibited to eliminate, modify, cover, or forge any copyrights, registered brand or any other intellectual property of the website and its content.
  4. Users are prohibited to advertise or promote any product with commercial purposes in the web platform.

4. Rights of the Organization:

  1. The platform administration has the right to delete comments that are disrespectful and not in tone with the purpose of the website.
  2. The administration can eliminate users who fail to comply with any of the responsibilities and/or commitments set forth in these Terms and Conditions, as well as in the articles governing the contests developed in the platform.
  3. The administration reserves the right to modify, replace, add, and/or rectify the platform’s Terms and Conditions of Use, having the responsibility to spread said information in such a manner that all the participants and users are aware of such modifications.