A wearable abdomen patch that tracks the health of the expecting mother and the baby

What is it?

A wearable abdomen patch that tracks the health of the expecting mother and the baby. The wearable will track the following things:
1. Weight of the mother and the baby
2. Gyroscopic movements
3. Contractions
4. Body Temperature
5. Heart/pulse monitoring

Wearable will have an emergency slider which in case of excessive contractions could be used by the pregnant women. On triggering the same, an alert message will be sent to the respective authorities and immediate family members.

How is it used?

The patch would be placed on the abdomen of the expecting mother.

What technologies does it incorporate?

1. Chip that senses the weight of the mother and the baby, movements and heart/pulse beat
2. Body heat will be used to charge the wearable
3. Contractions will be checked using methods for contraction monitoring which is based on measuring the electrical activity of the uterus.The electrical activity of the uterus is the source of the contraction, while pressure is its consequence. Measuring the source of the contractions provides a more direct and accurate measurement.
4. GPRS technology to track the location of the user
5. Bluetooth technology: to transmit data from wearable device to the elected representatives and to the server/database situated at the health facility centre

How does it work?

We have designed an ecosystem and the wearable and the service will revolve around that ecosystem.
With the help of incentivization scheme offered by the Government, the health facility will provide this wearable to the expecting mother. The chip inside the wearable will have an ID number associated with it. This wearable will be synced at the facility at regular intervals. One lady will be assigned among a group of expecting mothers in a region. She will also have the device synced with the mobile phone and she will be the one who will be an inter mediator between the expecting mothers and the facility centre. Her job will be to keep a check on how expecting mother and baby are doing.

The device will have an emergency slider which will be synced with the expecting mother’s immediate family members, the elected representative and the health facility. The moment, mother feels that contractions are increasing, she can use that emergency slider to trigger SMS to people in charge and immediate service could be provided.

Who uses it?

Wearable would be used by the expecting mother and the tracking of the data will be done by one elected lady of the village and the public health facility which will be responsible for delivery

Why does it help?

The wearable will track the health of the expecting mother, her baby and later will help in tracking the birth of the baby and its registration.
The entire ecosystem and the service around it which includes the public health facility, elected lady from the gram panchayat body will help in reducing the number of infant deaths caused because of poor health facility provided to the expecting mother and her baby.
Just a wearable itself will not solve the problem but requires an ecosystem that could bring the change over a period of time and instil confidence among the people to use these facilities which are opened for them.


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Snehshikha Gupta, Riddhi Shah

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Data Collection/Data Insight

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Health, Child Protection

These pages have been pulled directly from applications submitted to the Wearables for Good Challenge in 2015. They represent the work of the individual teams and have subsequently not been edited.


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