Clean Color

A plastic bracelet/ring that temporarily changes color when exposed to soap.

What is it?

It is a plastic bracelet/ring that temporarily changes color when exposed to soap. They can be made in multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

How is it used?

The bracelet or ring is worn on the body. I think a collection of these could be shared between schools, regions, or even countries – they’d just need a wash in-between. These bracelets and their technology remain fun if each student only wears them for a limited period of time. Some options include: a particular 2-week period when all the students in the school wear bracelets (as a follow-up to some WASH educational training), having a bracelet move between students as a reward for a good behavior for the last week, and competition/collaboration between groups of students to see what % of time their bracelets changed.

What technologies does it incorporate?

Materials Science/Chemistry

How does it work?

The pigment/colorant in the bracelet or ring changes color when exposed to the pH of the soap as an elementary student washes their hands.

Who uses it?

The elementary student wears the jewelry, but the information about it being exposed to soap is seen by everyone – teachers, family members, peers, etc.

Why does it help?

It makes hygiene socially visible, fun, and can be implemented in flexible ways.


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Team Members

Chandra Little, Larissa Little

Focus Area(s)

Behavior Change

UNICEF Pillar(s)

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

These pages have been pulled directly from applications submitted to the Wearables for Good Challenge in 2015. They represent the work of the individual teams and have subsequently not been edited.


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